Melanie LeMay - writer.editor.designer
Writing has laws of perspective, of light and shade, just as a painting does, or music. If you are born knowing them, fine. If not, learn them. Then rearrange the rules to suit yourself.
Truman Capote, interview
Writers at Work, 1958
Writing has always underpinned Melanie's career, even as she tackled such diverse jobs as medical editing, technical writing, sales and marketing, graphical user interface design, fundraising, and public relations. At times she worked full-time as a freelance writer and editor; at other times, she moonlighted as a freelancer while holding down full-time jobs. To see Melanie's complete resume, click here.
Melanie's favorite assignments have always been personal profiles, particularly those about successful men and women in business, and she's become known for her articles about entrepreneurs in general, and business women in particular.
Melanie has interviewed and written about the famous, the infamous, and the relatively unknown. Among her subjects were Don Logan (CEO of Southern Progress Corporation and later chairman of AOL Time Warner), A.G. Gaston (founder of Booker T. Washington Insurance Company and an important figure in the Civil Rights movement), James Redfield (author of The Celestine Prophecy) and Rick McCammon (author of Boy's Life).
In writing literally hundreds of articles, Melanie has covered topics as far-ranging as chronic immune disorders, Harley Davidson motorcycles, home theater systems, deer plots, the burgeoning coffee shop culture,pharmaceutical research, and new trends in business incentives for employees. For a more extensive list of Melanie's articles, click here. For examples of some of her awards, click here. 
In recent years, Melanie has focused on public relations and communications consulting, with particular emphasis on media relations. She has worked with editors and reporters from national newspapers and magazines, and has a special affinity for media relations, given her own experience as a newspaper writer and editor. She has successfully pitched stories to major newspapers, including the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and all major networks. Most notably, she developed a human interest story about the civilian arm of the U.S. Air Force with the CNN Chicago Bureau, which appeared on Paula Zahn's "Defending America" series during prime time and aired repeatedly throughout 2005. 
Melanie's work has appeared in such publications as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Southern Living, Plane & Pilot, and Executive Female. For 15 years, she wrote cover feature stories and monthly columns for Birmingham Magazine and supported herself and her two sons as a full-time corporate freelance writer and editor in Birmingham. In that capacity, she produced brochures, annual reports, employee newsletters, crisis communication pieces, marketing materials, executive speeches, slides and presentations, talking papers, feasibility studies, small business identity packages, and communication plans. Among her corporate clients were BellSouth Services, Vulcan Materials, GTE, Alabama Power, UAB, South Central Bell, Southern Progress Corp., and a host of private businesses and advertising agencies.
Having worked with artists, graphic designers and printers, Melanie developed a keen interest in photography and design. In 2005 she began to devote more time to developing her own design skills. Besides working as an amateur artist, she advanced her skills with Photoshop and Flash, creating a variety of publications, brochures, trade show exhibits, and website content. Her design clients have included nonprofits, authors and professional speakers. Melanie has also developed storyboards and distance-learning modules for contractors at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama.
Melanie still enjoys teaching and training, and has trained public affairs volunteers throughout the country in crisis management, interview skills, digital photography, graphic design, and AP style. She also has volunteered at Montgomery's Family Guidance Center, working with men and women entering the professional workforce for the first time. In these sessions, she has covered business writing and public speaking, as well as professional etiquette, attire and workplace ethics.
Melanie's life apart from her career is as varied as her professional experience. Click here to read more about Melanie, her family and her other interests.