Melanie LeMay - writer.editor.designer
LEFT - Melanie (standing, second from left) with CNN film crew, Air Force and Civil Air Patrol personnel at filming for the Paula Zahn Show, New Orleans, 2005

BELOW, LEFT - Melanie with a FEMA videographer and photographer interviewing a tornado survivor in Pell City, Alabama, 2011. 

BELOW, RIGHT - Melanie participates in a FEMA safety drill at the FEMA command site in Pelham, Alabama, 2012.

Melanie LeMay has an incredible work ethic and has mastered the English language. She is, without a doubt, the best editor I have ever known.
Peter A. Land, President
I have a good friend who is head of corporate information and public relations for a very large company. He told me that it was probably all right for me to talk with you, but strongly advised that under no circumstances should I read the resulting article. Naturally, I ignored his advice - what are friends for? The good news is that, in this case, he was wrong. I think you did an outstanding job of taking a range of disparate thoughts, ideas and opinions and molding them into a coherent whole. Even more improbably, I recognized the people about whom you were writing.
Curiously, the day I saw the article you had written, I was also given a copy of a profile of John Clendenin written for Skymagazine. Mr. Clendenin would have been much better served had you written the article - and the readers better informed.
Bill Russell
Straight Furrow Productions
Retired after a successful career at IBM in U.S. and international marketing, I have supervised many communications professionals over the years, but few have measured up to the professionalism of Melanie LeMay. Melanie’s professional assets are many: She’s a creative thinker; she works well under pressure; she’s enthusiastic, cooperative, diplomatic and easy to get along with; she can develop valid, measurable PR programs on a local, regional or national scale; and above all, she is an excellent, accurate and fast writer. In fact, I’d have to say she is one of the very best professional business writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. 
Chris D. Pershing, Former Director
Marketing and Public Relations Directorate
Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters
Melanie is dynamic, smart, media-savvy, and skilled in the art of language and expression. I've used her as an editor, and love her work and her style.
Richard L. Plaskett
Speaker, author, and consultant in organizational development
Melanie's writing and editing ability are second to none. This talent, coupled with research capabilities, creativity, and a grasp of details, make her a prime candidate for any job in the communications field.
Mary Nell Crowe, Former Director
Marketing and Public Relations Directorate
Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters
I have a degree in journalism and I certainly recognize good writing when I read it. You captured more than just the 1-2-3 facts of what happened at the event when I spoke; your writing actually conveyed a kind of energy that, I believe, made readers feel they were right there with you.
Lou Heckler 
Melanie is an individual who is mature and very work-oriented, and certainly quite the many hours she was associated with my campaign, she was at all times above office politics, sensitive to the needs and concerns of the constituents, and had the ability to work well with individuals of all ages.
Senator Ted Little
Alabama State Senate
Besides creating a friendly working atmosphere, Melanie exudes constant professionalism and dedication, especially when it comes to meeting required deadlines. Melanie manages to work well in self-directed endeavors, as well as in cooperative team settings, as I witnessed at many a meeting.  She is a take-charge person who is able to harness both creativity and editorial focus, all in pursuit of effective communication. 
Ashley McCormick
Former intern
In the course of the past 11 years, this is the most skillfully-written piece of journalism that has been presented about the club, its history and my personal background.
Bruce Ayers, Owner