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When God allows pain

I was struck by this quote from The Joy Dare program's blog, A Holy Experience: "God doesn't allow pain unless He's allowing something new to be born."
What wise words! Newness so often carries pain in the beginning. Whether it's birthing a child, writing a book, moving to a new place, or beginning a new life, the machinations of bringing forth something unique can be very painful. Yet, if what we bring forth is worthwhile, we almost always end up concluding that yes, the pain was worth it.
I've been a professional writer for almost thirty years (by "profesional," I mean that I've made my living as a writer). Do I "enjoy" writing? In the early days, I didn't. It was sheet torture! As the years went by and writing itself became easier for me, I began to enjoy it more. Still, even today there are times when I find writing and artwork some of the alternately joyful and maddening. The saving grace is that often, when I look back at the work that irritated me most in process, I'm happy, proud and amazed that I actually created something so good!
When we're going through painful times, it's s comfort to know that the pain won't last forever, and that on the other side of the pain awaits some experience so new, so fresh and so unexpected that we never in our wildest dreams could have envisioned such s miracle coming into our lives. Right now I'm waiting and watching for my new adventure.

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God doesn't allow his children to suffer pain needlessly. Pain is oftentimes the precursor of something good and positive that will happen. The loss of a family member is probably the worst thing that we could experience in life. It is painful to realize that we will never see this person again alive. But the meaning of that pain is relief for that person who is suffering on earth, whether physical or emotional. The loss of employment is also quite painful because it means loss and income and starting over again. But a new life in a new job, possibly in a new location, could herald good things to you personally and professionally.

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I don't believe in that. Do you think it's His will? That would be stupid.
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