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The repurposed bookcase: A metaphor


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Why people like cats

Why People Like Cats
An essay by Melanie LeMay

After having lived with two cats that have taken a liking to me, I think I have finally discovered why it is that people love their cats. This whole concept has always been a mystery to me, since my loyalties lie with our canine population. I suspect many of you are like me in your preference for dogs,, so the responsibility falls upon me to share my insights.

First of all, let's consider the average house cat. Who could love a creature that turns his back when you get home, refuses to walk on a leash, turns his nose up at dried food, stares daggers at you if you ask him to come to you, and regularly regurgitates disgusting hair balls on your new bedroom carpet?

The repurposed bookcase: A metaphor

Thinking about repurposing, I realize my project of the last couple of days is the ideal metaphor. Here's the story.

I noticed an odd, but well-built piece of furniture sitting behind a dumpster near my apartment. Perhaps it was part of a dresser at one time, or the hutch for a desk. It was solid wood and in good condition except for a few small traces of wear. Someone had shoved it back out of sight -- not all the way in the dumpster, but headed for demolition when the garbage truck would arrive the next day.

Welcome to my Spellbinding Blog!

Come along with me as I share my efforts to reinvent myself, a task faced by many of my Boomer friends. Although I've been a professional writer and editor for many years, I've always longed to create physical works of art as well. 

I've just started an Etsy shop, called Spellbinding Arts, and have held my first showcase of my creations. The response was great, but now that it's over, I've been wondering about my next step. 

I decided to add a Spellbinding Arts page to my website and start a blog. Let's see how it works out!